Big Yellow Duck
Big Yellow Duck
Audio Post Production Music
62 W 45th St, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036 Tel 212.997.1200
October 30, 2020
Studio A

Nice and Large- great for a session with many clients. Big table with iMac to setup shop for a fun day in Studio A.

3 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Mac Pro
Protools HD3 Accel 192 I/O
Avid Mojo SDI
Digidesign Command 8

Protools 10, Logic Pro 9.1, Ableton Live 6

John Hardy Mic Pres, UA1176 Comp, Alesis ML-9600 Master Disk Recorder

Genelec 5.1 Surround, Dangerous ST/SR, Avantone Mix Cubes

Sharp 70"

Studio A

Studio A Booth

We got booth, baby!
Studio B

Marc does his thing while you kick back in comfort.
Studio B Booth

"I gotta have more cowbell..."
Studio C

Music Room

"I've got blisters on my fingers..."
Machine Room

ProTools 10, Logic Pro 9, Digidesign Command 8, M-Audio M88
Client Lounge

A place to work or hang.
Dining Area

It's feeding time!

Chill in style.