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July 16, 2019
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Hometown: East Village, NY
Education: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Lauren Gold  Voice Director/Session Coord.

Lauren has been working in the animation business for the past 18 years in several capacities. Her first stint at BYD was as voice director on the animated series International Hareport and she is currently providing that same role for another animated series here, Angelo Rules.

Prior to to BYD, Lauren was at Curious Pictures, where she acted as Associate Producer/Recording Supervisor for the hit Disney series Little Einsteins and on the NBC, prime time holiday special Little Spirit - Christmas in New York. While working on Little Einsteins she got the opportunity to venture into voice directing and the rest is history.

Lauren's breadth of experience includes gigs for TV Land, Nickelodeon, Funline Animation, and Tape House Ink & Paint. She served as Ink and Paint Supervisor/Compositor on such shows as HBO’s A Little Curious and the pilot for Dora The Explorer.
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