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July 16, 2019
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Cirque du Soleil
Marc Bazerman just finished sound designing and mixing a 5.1 cinema spot for Cirque du Soleil for Spotco. The spot promotes Cirque's "Zarkana" show taking over Radio City Music Hall in June."Zarkana is a fantastically bizarre world where we follow the adventures of Zark, a magician who has lost his love and, with her, his powers."

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More Kohl's Spots at the Duck
BYD has teamed up once again with our friends at McCann Erickson and Bikini Edit to mix the Kohl's TV spots for this holiday season. BYD's Ryan Heiferman mixed the spots.

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BYD Welcomes Industry Veteran Marc Bazerman!
Marc spent the past six years at Sound Hound mixing and sound designing various promos, spots, and long form projects and has brought his creative, musical, and keen ear to Big Yellow Duck.

Since Marcís arrival he has mixed an impressive number of spots for Spotco, including La BÍte the Play, Westside Story and Billy Elliot. Marc just recently sound designed and mixed a 5.1 cinema spot for the new Cirque du Soleilís ďZarkana,Ē that will be taking over Radio City Music Hall in June. Marc also has been doing a bunch of work for Mighty Pictures, including a promo for Spike TV, the documentary Cut Poison Burn, and videos for The Clinton Foundation and Wyclef Jeanís Yele Haiti Foundation. We are super excited to have Marc at The Duck!

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Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force
Ryan Heiferman and Lou Esposito have been busy mixing season 3 of this intense A&E series produced by Morningstar Entertainment. Manhunters follows the U.S. Marshalls NY/NJ division as they hunt down some of the most dangerous criminals around. The run and gun, non-stop action of this show requires an all-star mix and Ryan and Lou are up to the task.

Stay tuned for season 3 in 2011...

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BYD and Blue Man Team Up Again in 2010!
Blue Man Group and Big Yellow Duck continued their long history of doing creative and challenging work together in 2010. Lou Esposito sound designed and mixed a 5.1 cinema spot and we also provided a bunch of awesome sound design elements currently being used on Blue Man Groupís latest tour.

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BYD Brings it all to Gaspard & Lisa!
This series came to us by way of our friends at Chorion and was produced in the UK and broadcast on TF1, the most popular network in France. BYDís Stuart Kollmorgen, who is also scoring the third season of the Disney hit show Imagination Movers, scored the series. Chorion also asked BYD to set the template for the sound design and mix for the UK team by having BYDís Lou Esposito sound design and Ryan Heiferman mix the first 8 episodes. We expect great things for this series and hope to see it on more screens soon.

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Cut Poison Burn
Cut Poison Burn, a documentary Marc Bazerman recently mixed at BYD will make it's world premiere on October 8th at The Mill Valley Film Festival. The film, produced by Mighty Pictures, will open in New York and Los Angeles in January!

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Angelo Rules wins at Cartoons on the Bay
We are proud to announce that "Angelo Rules", the animated series from TeamTO and Cake Entertainment that we casted, voice directed and recorded at BYD, won the prestigious Pulcinella Award at Cartoons on the Bay 2010 for "TV Series for Kids". Angelo beat out such shows as "Back at the Barnyard," and "Casper" in this tough category. The series was also picked up by Cartoon Network UK and German broadcaster Super RTL. We are crossing our fingers tha it makes it to the US!

A special shout out to our friends at TeamTO, Amy Jackson and Andy Rheingold at International Rheingold, our casting director Lauren Gold and our amazing cast.

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Big Yellow Cannes Debut!
Congratulations to director Julie Pacino on her debut film, "Abracadabra," which made its world premiere at Cannes Independent Film Festival. BYD's Ryan Heiferman provided the sound design and mix for this dramatic short, starring Beth Grant (No Country for Old Men).

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Latest Spots Mixed at the Duck
We've had Burrell here with McDonald's, McCann with more Kohl's, Saatchi and Saatchi doing Pillsbury, Mullen with Krispy Kreme, Grey for 3M radio, and GSD&M recording a Marshalls/TJ Maxx spot. Check them out on our work page.

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BYD was featured again in Post Magazine's March issue for our work on Tyrannosaurus Sex, which aired in primetime on Discovery Channel. T Sex made Entertainment Weekly's "The Must" list at number 3 during the week of March 5. It was produced by our friends at Locomotive Group and was about dinosaur mating and reproduction. We handled all audio-post- narration, music, sound design, and mix. Stuart Kollmorgen gave a deep atmospheric score while Lou Esposito carefully crafted the huge and diverse sounds of the various dinosaurs along with their environments. Ryan Heiferman put the finishing touches on it all in the mix.

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Indies at the Duck
We've recently had our hand in a few indie films at the duck. For starters Mystery Team (sound design/mix) which we worked on last year has made its way to theaters nationally including a two week run at Quad Cinema in the West Village. Lion's Gate released the DVD and its also available on iTunes and InDemand.

Trio, written and produced by Jen Bogush and directed by Danny Aiello III has already won a few awards for its screenplay and has hit the festival circuit. Lou Esposito worked his magic with sound design, mix, and ADR.

And Snake Fever, a fascinating documentary about rattlesnake hunting directed by Wendy Greene, was mixed and sound designed at the Duck by Lou Esposito and Colin Wolf. It premiered at the Aspen Shorts Fest and also played the Seattle International Film Festival.

Finally, Ryan Heiferman did the sound design and mix on Julie Pacino's directorial debut Abracadabra, about two lost souls whose lives are intercepted by a mysterious kidnapping. It stars Beth Grant (No Country for Old Men; Donnie Darko), and Ty Simpkins (Revolutionary Road; Pride & Glory). It debuted at Cannes International Film Festival.

Snake Fever

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