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June 16, 2019
Battles BC Debuts with Big Ratings
Battles BC debuted this past Monday on the History Channel with the highest rated Monday night series premier in the network's history! Congrats to everyone at BYD, Four In Hand & MI Post for all the hard work put in so far... The blood will continue to spill here at The Duck as we battle onward with the audio post for the remainder of the series.
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BYD Lands at International Hareport
BYD just concluded its' first season of V.O. records for the animated series International Hareport, by the French production house, TeamTO. We're really excited about seeing the finished project here in the States... The sessions were always good fun, and we expect more of the same when the episodes are complete. Next up between The Duck and TeamTO will be work on another animated series call How To Drive Everybody Crazy.

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