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July 16, 2019
BYD Posts Battles BC
Tribal drums, battle cries, and blood spilling... Those are the sweet sounds of battle that Big Yellow Duck provides for History Channel's new series Battles BC . Premiering on March 9th, Battles BC takes the lead from Hollywood epics like 300 and Sin City and inspired by the stylized approach of the Last Stand of the 300.
In a perfect example of the audio post teamwork we provide at The Duck, Stuart Kollmorgen composes an evocative score, Lou Esposito brings the battles to life with the sound design, and Ryan Heiferman & Keith Hodne put the finishing touches with their mix magic for this ten episode series.
Battles BC is the first of its kind in graphic proportions as it explores the ancient world's superheroes in battle and conflict all with the vibrancy and excitement of a contemporary graphic novel.

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Post Mag Article on Mystery Team
BYD was featured in the January issue of Post Magazine in an article about audio-post for indie films. Post Magazine talked to Ryan Heiferman (Mixer) and Lou Esposito (Sound Designer) about their work on the feature film, Mystery Team, which just debuted at Sundance. The film has received some good reviews- check the links here:
Hollywood Insider
Film School Rejects

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