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May 24, 2019
Little Spirit Premieres Primetime on NBC
Little Spirit: Christmas in NY, Curious Picture's holiday special, premiered primetime on NBC December 10th. Directed by Leopoldo Gout and Susan Holden and starring the voices of Danny Devito, Lucy Liu, and Brenda Song, this one-hour animated special follows the adventure of a boy named Leo who reluctantly moves to NYC with his family and loses his adorable Boston Terrier, Ramona. Sound design and 5.1 surround mix were provided respectively by BYD's Lou "Foodboy" Esposito and Ryan "Mohawk" Heiferman.

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The First 48 just keeps on tickin'
This January, The First 48 returns for an eighth season on A&E. BYD's Keith Hodne will again join as the mix genius for his sixth season on this award-winning reality series.

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