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Big Yellow Duck
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May 24, 2019
Duck Sighting in Post Magazine
Big Yellow Duck was featured in the July “Audio for Animation" article in Post Magazine. It was an honor to be included in the same article as famed Sound Designer Ben Burtt (Star Wars), who talked about his work on Wall-E. Post interviewed Executive Producer/Co-founder Matt Pedone and Sound Designer/Engineer Lou Esposito about our work on Disney’s Little Einsteins and our overall take on audio-post for animation. Lou was the series Sound Designer and fellow BYD engineer Ryan Heiferman was the Mixer. They worked on Little Einsteins for 65 episodes and 2 movies! We got a snazzy picture in there of Lou, Ryan and Matt. Post was interested in talking about gear and we love to talk gear. Click below to view a PDF of the article.

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Ding! Ding! Ding!
That's the sound of Lou leveling up as he completed the mixes for Nintendo's new short films centered around the red-hot Nintendo DS. Gamers Afton, Crystal and Sharon are each featured in their own story depicting their daily lives and how much they enjoy playing the Nintendo DS, especially games like Super Mario, Nintendogs, and Brain Age.

The Nintendo DS films are being shown alongside of vignettes of America Ferrara, Carrie Underwood, and Liv Tyler, who also love their DS. The project was produced by DCODE and will be shown at

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BYD displays its power stroke for MLB's Home Run Derby
Big Yellow Duck displayed its baseball prowess as Ryan hit for the cycle- doing music, sound design, recording, and mixing for MLB's Home Run Derby TV and radio promos which aired on ESPN and ESPN Radio. Actor Chazz Palminteri provided the powerful and distinctive voice of Yankee Stadium. Lou knocked in two runs with sound design and mix for ESPN's pop up animation also for the Home Run Derby. Here's a link to the :30 TV.

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Blue Man Group: How to be a Megastar
Lou has just completed the sound design and 5.1 surround sound mix for the DVD menu system of the upcoming Blue Man Group DVD: How to be a Megastar.

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