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December 6, 2021
Audio Post
From soup to nuts we can fulfill all of your audio post-production needs whether its a long format television series or a thirty second commercial. From voice over to ADR to sound design to original music to mixing to laybacks- we can do it all in audio post.

Sound Design
We are experienced with all the realms of sound design and we have all the tools necessary- samplers, synths, plugins, and a huge SFX library. Whether its a matter of recording the perfect foley work, synthesizing the right sounds, or just editing and mixing the crap out of a lot of layers of sounds, we know how to make it sound right. Its what we love to do.

From the finesse job, to the cleanup job, to the make it sound great job, we can do it all. Our guys have mixed top rated shows on television and some of the biggest brands advertised, as well as for the web, multimedia, and radio spots. All of our rooms are 5.1 surround sound equipped ready for any project.

Original Music
Partner and Creative Director Stuart Kollmorgen has been composing for network television and advertising for over twenty years. He is the principal of Red Dog Music and is currently the composer for History Channel's new series BC Battles, providing an awesome epic score. He also is scoring Disney's Imagination Movers and has scored many hit eposodics including Discovery's Kenny The Shark and Disney's Jojo's Circus. In addition, he's done ad campaigns for the likes of Burger King, Trix, Coca Cola, and United Airlines.

Stuart's Work

We can handle all your casting needs- whether its for a voice over for a spot or for a character voice in a new animated series we can get the right voice for your project. We have some of the best casting directors at our disposal and we deal with all the big (and small) talent agencies.

Voice Over/ADR
Our guys have a ton of credits in the Voice Over and ADR department and have recorded the likes of Glen Close, Matt Dillon, Mandy Moore, and Benjamin Bratt just to name a few.

ISDN/Phone Patch
Whether you need to play a spot over the phone for a client or need to record talent in another city we can handle it. We can even sync our Protools with another studio's across the country and do ADR over the ISDN lines.

Radio is not the red-headed stepchild to TV at The Duck. We dig the opportunity to not have to share the audio with picture. Our guys have worked on radio campaigns for the likes of NFL, Subway, H&M, and Nikon. As an agency producer, Exec. Producer/Co-Founder Matt Pedone produced literally thousands of radio spots.

V/O casting, sound design, music (stock and original), recording and mixing - we do it all!

Radio Reel

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